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Catholic Schools Parents (CSP)

Catholic Schools Parents (CSP)

The St Colman's Catholic Schools Parents Group (CSP) plays an active and integral part in the life of the school. We take this opportunity to recognise the invaluable work of the parents in our school community and extend an invitation to other parents in the school who would like to become involved in the CSP Committee.

The many roles of the CSP

Welcoming Families into the School Community

There are many events in the school year which bring parents together in an informal setting. Such events include the Welcome BBQ, Eisteddfod Concert, Bush Dance and End of Year Concert.


The CSP fundraises for the upkeep of the school and purchases resources for the education of the students.  Working in partnership with the principal and teaching staff to improve learning outcomes, funds go towards library books, technology, refurbishment and any educational requirements. Fundraising events include:

  • St Patrick's Day Green Sweets Stall:  For this event the CSP baked and sold green sweets to the children at the St Patrick's Day celebrations.
  • St Colman's Parish Deb Ball and St Colman's Deb of the Year Ball:  These two larger and highly successful fundraisers are open to all ladies in the Burdekin district and are attended by up to 500 people.  A highlight in the Burdekin social calendar, the CSP are proud to acknowledge all families who contributed in some way to the two Deb Balls.
Involving the Broader Community in School Activities

Some activities which brought people from the wider community to our school this year have included:

  • Sacramental Program:  The celebration of the Sacraments include members of our local Parish and involves children from a number of schools around Home Hill.
  • Founder's Day: This is a day in which the three Catholic schools in the Burdekin come together for a day of celebration. This year the event was hosted by Burdekin Catholic High School. This event is rotated between Burdekin Catholic High School, St Francis School (both in Ayr) and St Colman's.
  • Book Week Parade, Under 8s Day and Open Day: These three events are attended by parents and local kindergarten aged children. Students dress up as their favourite book character for the Book Week Parade. At Under 8s Day, students who are 8 years old or younger participate in a range of fun and exciting activities. The Open Day enables members of the community to gain a perspective on all that St Colman's School has to offer. On this day, parents and children can also view the technology and prep facilities available to our students.
  • St Patrick's Day and NAIDOC Day: These two celebration days are attended by members of the wider community to acknowledge the works of St Patrick and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture in our community.
Effective Management of the School Tuckshop

At St Colman's, the School Tuckshop has an emphasis on both health and safety. With this in mind tuckshop is offered to students on Monday and Friday. On these two days a band of helpful mothers run the tuckshop, offering a range delicious choices which including home baking. No chips, lollies or soft drink are sold in the tuckshop.