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Mission Statement

Mission Statement


St Colman’s Catholic School lives Jesus’s mission [to serve others so that they “may have life, and have it in abundance” (Jn.10;10) by fostering the Mercy values of respect, courage and compassion.  In a nurturing and inclusive environment, students are inspired to be confident lifelong learners who share their gifts with the world.


St Colman's School Mission Statement

The motto “With faith we grow and learn” is a powerful reminder for students of all ages to never give up on yourself and have the courage to explore new possibilities as we strive to reach our potential so that we may ‘have life to the full’ (Jn.10:10).

Inspired by the Mercy Sisters’ focus on developing each person’s gifts and strengths, faith is an integral component of education that helps students build resilience and connect to different experiences. Our faith instils courage and trust in our own abilities which gives us the confidence to take on challenging tasks that can further our development. At St Colman’s Catholic School, we are encouraged to push the boundaries of our knowledge and understanding, learning new things and flourishing, so that we can achieve our academic goals.

Ultimately, the motto “With faith we grow and learn” serves to empower students to stay confident and never stop believing in their own success.