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Our Charism

St Colman's School was opened on 7th April, 1927 to provide primary Catholic education for the families of the Home Hill district.

The school was operated by the Sisters of Mercy until 1967 when it became a systemic school operated by the Townsville Catholic Education Office. Due to a decline in the number of religious and increase in the numbers of lay people who pursued a Ministry of Teaching, the school became entirely lay staffed by 1988. New standards in education have necessitated expansion and redesign of buildings and the inclusion of a preschool in 1991.  These have enabled modern teaching methodologies to be implemented and a  developmental school based curriculum to be implemented.

Who was St Colman?

As the Irish priests migrated to Australia, it became customary for them to keep alive the patron saint of their old country in the new country.  Hence as many of Home Hill's early priests came from the areas of Cork and Cloyne, our parish was given the name of St Colman's. Although there are many St Colman's to choose from (almost 300), we are not really too sure of which particular one is ‘ours'. 

Fr O'Dwyer,  suggests that Colman MacLenini might be our authentic namesake - the fact that he too was from Cashel may have something to do with this!

Colman (Cloyne) November 24, C600

Colman MacLenini, was the royal bard of Munster and chief chronicler and genealogist to the king of Cashel.  Interestingly enough, his becoming a Christian was the result of a robbery. The shrine of St. Ailbhe had been stolen and the robbers drowned while taking it across a lake.  At the time of its recovery, MacLenini helped to lift the shrine from the water.  Brendan of Clonfert, when he heard about it said to the royal bard that hands that been hallowed by the touch of that sacred relic should not remain the hands of a pagan.


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